For the players

Harnessing young people's passion for competitive gaming to equip them with vital meta skills and digital competencies.

for the players

This qualification is intended to introduce young gamers to the world of esports from the perspective of a player who wishes to equip themselves with the understanding, experience and skills required to lift their competitive play to the next level while also developing vital meta skills, such as resilience, self-awareness and teamwork, and key digital skills like using data, online collaboration and social media.

improved gameplay

Gaming is at the core of this award and with a certain number of hours of proven gameplay required for completion, learners will be have the chance to learn methods and strategies to improve their in-game performance.

data science

Data plays a huge role in, not only, esports performance but in planning content and social media strategies.

Esports: For The Players has data science embedded giving learners the opportunity to learn how to collect, analyse and use data  to improve performance and get results in a way that is safe and responsible.

meta skills

Meta-skills, or 21st century skills, are quickly becoming important to employers looking to recruit workers who can adjust to our changing times.
Esports: For The Players has been designed to develop vital capabilities in young people, such as resilience, self-awareness and social intelligence.

unit overview

Understanding Esports

Learners will explore the history of competitive gaming, the esports ecosystem and how it works, what careers may be available to them should they wish to explore those possibilities in Scotland, the UK or Globally. They will also look at different esports communities and how they influence the industry.

Game Sense

Learners will understand the importance of having an in-depth knowledge of their game and all its components regarding competitive performance, they will learn the techniques that will allow them to develop this in-depth knowledge and how to apply it to further games in the future.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

While the journey to pro is often a personal one, the ability to work as part of a team is one of the most valuable skills that an esports athlete can possess. In this unit, learners will learn about the structure of their team, the importance of player roles as well as developing collaboration and communication techniques.

Esports Content

Learners will understand the importance of content in esports, they will learn how to plan, create and effectively distribute content to a variety of channels.

Being Online

Learners will develop an awareness of the potential harms that can come with being online. They will learn how to keep themselves, their devices, accounts and other people safe while working, playing and communicating online.

The Grind

In order to have a chance to compete at the highest levels, players must learn how to schedule and motivate themselves, how to manage their emotions and other distractions, how to stay healthy and perhaps most importantly, they must develop resilience that will allow them to accept defeat and analyse their performance objectively and honestly.


This unit will ensure that learners have developed the knowledge they will need to pursue opportunities to compete, they will be aware of the expectations for participation and conduct as well as having a demonstratable ability to prepare for and take part in tournaments.

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